The Club Opening

The Club was relocated during January and was then formally reopened during early February 2011.

The Day was a opened with a safety briefing and welcome speech by the committee. The flying commenced with spectacular flying by the members.

Sunset crept up fast , one wonders where the daylight hours disappear to , and the flight line was left lonely and the braai area and fantastic lapa received much attention for the remainder of the evening .


The Night Fly

The Night Fly event was great day in the sun. The day started as usual with the members flying their usual circuits during daylight hours. Certain members had decided to camp out and were pitching tents , setting fireplaces and arranging the makeshift kitchen area. By the late afternoon the flying field was packed and the pilots were clocking hours on their planes.

It was sunset when the daytime flyers landed and packed their planes , The smells of worse and steaks wafted across the pit area , The sun had gone to sleep and the Night Flyers came out . What followed was a scene from ” Aliens ” , amazing how one can appreciate a conservative flight by a fun flier , glowing in the dark.

Guests from Umbilo Radio Flyers also joined in the flying and came out with Helicopters and Cessna’s Glowing so to speak.

The rest of the evening was enjoyed next to the campfire with on or two members howling to the moon.


Fathers Day

The Father’s Day event was a Fundraising event which was planned and executed by the Wives and Girlfriends of the Club Members.